How to choose planting potatoes?

Potatoes - This is the most common planting crop, which is in great demand among summer residents and gardeners. Potatoes are propagated more often by tubers, which is why the quality of the planting material plays an undoubted role.

By choosing planting potatoes, you need to pay attention to color, taste, yield, ripening time (early, middle, late). They also take into account the characteristics of the variety, this resistance to various diseases, nematodes, etc.

You should not use your own planting potatoes all the time, they are updated every three years. This is due to the fact that the variety degenerates over time.

For planting, it is advisable to use tubers that have weight 50-100 grams, they are capable of growing strong plants that will provide you with a good harvest. Planting material must be chosen healthy, whole, drywith a hardened peel, the shape and color must correspond to the variety.

Many summer residents use their own planting materials. It is important to prepare and harvest them correctly to maintain the quality of the potatoes. During flowering, you need to study the site and mark the most developed and largest plants. Two weeks after flowering they are removed. This time is quite enough for the formation of tubers up to 80 grams.

If you buy elite potato seeds, then always check with the seller about the availability of a quality certificate and documents confirming the characteristics of the variety. When buying seeds in spring, sprouts up to 5 millimeters are allowed on tubers. The characteristics of the planting material directly affect the quality and yield of potatoes.

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