Transplanting tomato seedlings - the key to strong seedlings

The sooner you expect to get a crop of your own tomatoes, the more responsible you need to approach the cultivation of seedlings. Therefore, even before the start of the summer cottage, it is necessary to do many agrotechnical procedures: processing and soaking seeds, preparing soil mixture and fertilizers, transplant tomato seedlings in separate pots, organization of watering, lighting, a certain temperature ...

Picking is an important stage in the development of tomatoes
To ripen as early as possible, the seeds are sown two months before the tomato is planted in the ground. The most common way is to plant a lot of seeds in a large box and grow them there until the first pair of mature leaves. Then the seedlings need to transplant tomato seedlings into separate containers.

Where to transplant tomato seedlings?
Although today in agricultural stores there is a huge assortment of special pots (both reusable plastic and disposable paper or peat), many gardeners prefer to save a little and make them themselves. A cut plastic bottle, a baby bucket, or even an empty milk carton may work for these purposes. A pot with a diameter of 8-14 cm and a height of 10-16 cm will be optimal. All seedling containers must be filled with the same nutrient mixture as the boxes for seedlings. In general, the more the amount of food available to the plants, the higher the quality of the seedlings will be.

When to pick?
Transplanting tomato seedlings is carried out at the age of 30 to 45 days, the presence of 4-5 leaves can serve as a guideline. At this time, tomato seedlings are strong enough and tolerate transplanting well. When picking, the plants are sorted, leaving the healthiest and most developed.

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