Eggplant diamond

Eggplant is a very popular, tasty and healthy vegetable. There are many different varieties of eggplant, differing in ripening time, shape and color of the fruit and taste.

Of mid-season varieties are especially popular with gardeners eggplant diamond. Ripening period ranges from 110 to 130 days.

Height plants can reach 60cm. As a rule, the fruits are located at the bottom. The absence of thorns on the eggplant cup makes harvesting easier. The variety is characterized by good yield: up to 8kg per square meter. At the same time, the weight of one eggplant varies from 100 to 150g, and the length is from 15 to 18cm. The eggplant diamond has a cylindrical shape and is dark purple in color. The pulp is white or greenish in color, rather dense and without the bitterness inherent in many varieties of eggplant.

This vegetable crop is different high resistance to mosaic and pillar, but less resistant to wilt diseases.

Due to its excellent taste, diamond eggplant can be used for cooking various dishes, as well as for canning.

Another advantage of this variety is good transportability fruits.

Caring for diamond eggplant is the same as for other varieties of eggplant. To obtain a good harvest requires suitable soil, regular watering and weeding.

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