Where does wild garlic grow

Ramson - This is an early spring plant that contains many vitamins and nutrients, has a peculiar garlic taste. Ramson is an effective general tonic.

Where wild garlic grows what types of this plant are there? Wild garlic grows almost everywhere, it is conventionally divided into victory onion and bear onion, both of these species grow from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad.

With the arrival of early spring, in the markets, among other greenery, you can also see wild garlic. In recent years, many summer residents have grown wild garlic in their area. Today you can find a lot of information on how to grow this crop, where wild garlic grows, to get acquainted with the useful properties of the plant.

Ramson belongs to onion plants, but the main supply of nutrients and water is contained not in the bulb, but in the rhizome and roots. Ramson feels great on moist neutral or slightly acidic soils, is not afraid of spring floods.

Wild garlic seeds ripen in July, while the part of the plant located above the ground dies off, leaving only a "stump", inside which there is a new bulb. The main enemy of wild garlic is nettle, if not removed, it can destroy the entire wild garlic plantation.

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