Potato variety Veneta

Potatoes have long been firmly entrenched in the daily diet of every person. In a word, this product, in terms of its popularity and frequency of use, can only be compared with bread.


  • Short story
  • Description of the variety
  • Variety characteristics
  • Disease resistance

Short story

Using potatoes in our daily diet, we rarely think about its variety. And it’s in vain. After all, different varieties are differently suitable for different dishes, and by choosing the wrong potato variety for some culinary delight, you risk losing a certain amount of taste. For example, varieties that are great for roasting may not perform well when boiling or mashed potatoes, and vice versa.

If you often cook potato salads, you like fried potatoes, and with a characteristic golden crust that can awaken the appetite of any person and at any time - even if there is a convinced adherent of some kind of diet that forbids him to eat after six in the evening - then The Veneta potato variety will be the perfect find for you.

This vintage potato variety was obtained thanks to the efforts of German breeders in the middle of the twentieth century. However, since then, he managed to quickly spread throughout the globe and get the laurels of one of the most popular and sought-after varieties of potatoes.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, they began to grow it relatively recently - at the beginning of the twenty-first century, but even here the Veneta variety has already managed to take root and acquire a decent number of gourmet admirers, who prefer this particular variety to all others.

Description of the variety

The tubers of this variety have a characteristic yellow peel (only slightly darker than the pulp itself), the color of which can sometimes vary from dark yellow to light brown, with a barely noticeable mesh coating, and have an oval-rounded and slightly oblong shape. One tuber has an average weight of 65-90 grams. The eyes on it are small and, if you do not look closely, then they are almost invisible.

Tubers are good because, as a rule, there are no external and internal defects on them (cracks, dark flesh, etc.). The bush of this variety, if any, is spreading, and the corollas of the flowers are white. The starch content in Veneta ranges from 13 to 15%.

The variety is table variety, which means that it has passed a number of laboratory tests and meets the international standard of requirements.

Variety characteristics

So why is this variety so remarkable? There are several reasons for this. First of all, the variety attracts attention with its early ripening and high yield. In addition, the plant tolerates drought well, which in conditions of insufficient rainfall or artificial irrigation can be very useful. By the way, it is precisely because of this property that the overwhelming amount of potatoes grown in Central Asia is just the Veneta variety.

Omitting that long list of merits, which only vegetable growers with decent experience can properly appreciate, let's go straight to those qualities for which this variety is appreciated by gourmets and ordinary people.

Veneta has excellent taste, which becomes obvious when you just taste the variety once. The yellow flesh of potatoes is good because even after heat treatment, its color does not change at all, unlike some varieties. The slices keep their shape perfectly and look appetizing in a variety of salads. Thanks to these properties, Veneta is excellent for frying and cooking French fries.

Disease resistance

One of the main distinguishing features of the Veneta potato variety is its resistance to a variety of different diseases and resistance to many known pest species.

Among the diseases that this variety will completely bypass include: potato golden cyst nematode, cancer, banded and wrinkled mosaic virus and leaf curling.

The absence of all these ailments will greatly facilitate the care of this vegetable crop for gardeners and summer residents. It is enough just to get rid of weeds in time and, if possible, keep the soil in a loose state, and then this potato variety promises to ripen without any problems.

As you can see, the Veneta variety was bred with the goal of combining all the best that was created by breeders in this industry, adding a couple of their improvements and ultimately getting an ideal potato variety, which will be grown without problems and will not be capricious during cooking. And, with all the above advantages of this variety, it should be noted that it was not in vain that they were taken out.

Veneta potatoes will be a wonderful decoration for almost any dish and will complement it with their special, incomparable taste.

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