Nezhinsky cucumber

Nezhinsky cucumber got its name thanks to the city of Nezhin in Ukraine. In 1986, the epiphytotia of downy mildew destroyed most of the crops and reflected a significant deficiency in this variety.

Nezhinsky cucumber belongs to bee-pollinated varieties. This variety must be grown outdoors or in temporary film shelters. The plant is long-leaved, the main whip can reach up to 2 meters. This variety requires a sufficient amount of moisture, constant watering. Cucumber Nezhinsky is late ripening, fruiting begins after 50 days from germination. Therefore, the harvest of cucumbers of this variety is obtained in the fall, this is its good advantage.

The cucumber has an elongated and ovoid shape; it is large-tuberous and black-spiky. The weight is about 100 grams, and the length is about 12 centimeters. Nezhinsky cucumber has crunchy flesh and excellent taste. The variety is immune to bacteriosis and olive spot. Nezhinsky cucumber is used for pickling; it is one of the best varieties for this purpose.

Now new varieties of non-female cucumber have been created. This is Stage, Era, Nosovsky, Sissy. They are not inferior to their ancestor and retain all of its positive properties. A non-female cucumber is a good option for planting on a personal plot. It will undoubtedly please with its taste, especially in the fall, other varieties of cucumbers have already borne fruit, and this variety will still delight.

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