How to plant strawberries from seeds

There are two ways to plant strawberries in your area: sowing seeds or planting seedlings. Strawberry seedlings need a sufficient amount of light, so in winter they need backlighting. The berry can be sown in openings in the summer, then you will get the first harvest next year.

For sowing seeds, shallow containers are used - up to 10 cm. They are filled with a light substrate, which consists of equal parts of peat and deciduous soil and half of a part of sand. Since strawberry seeds are very small, they are planted in a superficial way, without deepening into the soil, only slightly sprinkled with earth. A spray bottle is used to water the strawberries. Seed boxes are covered with foil or glass.

The first shoots should appear two to four weeks later. It is worth noting that strawberries germinate very unevenly. After that, the climatic conditions change the strawberries: the film is removed and kept in a cool place (15 - 17 degrees). Strawberry seedlings are very sensitive to both drying out and waterlogging of the soil. So, you should be very careful with watering crops.

The next step is to pick the seedlings. It is carried out after the plant has 2-3 true leaves.

How to plant strawberries in open ground? To reduce stress before planting on the site, the strawberries are hardened by exposing them to the sun for a week. A sunny place is allocated under the berry, and they are planted so that the distance between the bushes is at least 30 cm. You can enjoy your first strawberry in 4 months!

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