How to plant strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most favorite berries of summer residents, since they are not only tasty, but also very healthy. This amazing berry combines the delight of taste and the joy of the eye.


  • Choosing a site for growing strawberries
  • High-quality seedlings are the guarantee of the harvest
  • Rules for planting strawberry seedlings
  • Well-groomed garden - high yield

Choosing a site for growing strawberries

The path to a strawberry harvest begins with the correct garden bed. It should be bathed in sun and sheltered from the winds. It is undesirable to use places with a steep slope, as well as often flooded areas. Despite the fact that strawberries love moisture, too much water slows down the growth of bushes and reduces the yield of berries.

If the groundwater rises close to the surface of the earth, for planting strawberries, beds with a height of 10 to 40 cm are formed. For the convenience of caring for the planted seedlings, the width of such beds should be within 1 meter.

It is good if the predecessors were cereals or corn. It's a good idea to place strawberries on a resting field. Cucumbers, garlic and carrots have a positive effect on the berry. Strawberries are not friendly with potatoes, eggplants and peppers, since they have common diseases and enemies.

You should also take into account the fact that in one place strawberries give a good harvest for no more than three years. Therefore, after 3 years, it is worth changing its growing place. And on that site you can plant onions or garlic.

This will protect the strawberry planting from disease and pest damage.

High-quality seedlings are the guarantee of the harvest

For seedlings, you can use a rooted strawberry whisker or divide an adult bush. Self-grown seedlings guarantee the multiplication of the selected strawberry variety. A large selection of seedlings of different varieties is also offered by trading organizations.

You can grow strawberry seedlings using seeds. This is especially convenient when breeding a still uncommon variety. The increased effort expended will be rewarded with a generous harvest.

Rules for planting strawberry seedlings

The results of planting seedlings directly depend on the exact fulfillment of all the necessary requirements. The rules for planting strawberries are not that complicated. Despite the fact that strawberry seedlings can be planted in spring, summer or autumn, the end of April is considered the best time. Soil preparation includes the following parameters:

  • Plow the earth, while removing weeds with roots.
  • The garden must be fertilized. Best of all with humus or a special strawberry fertilizer called "Giant", phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are also used.
  • Add sand to the soil, it improves the passage of air to the roots of the plant.
  • Dig holes up to 35 cm apart in a row and 70 cm between rows and fill them with water.
  • Plant strawberry seedlings in the holes, after cutting off the long roots so that they do not wrap.
  • Compact the soil around the bush to improve root-to-ground contact.

It is very important to ensure that the rosette of the plant, created by the leaves growing from the trunk, is at ground level. These are the best conditions for fast strengthening and active growth of the bush. A deep planting slows down the growth of seedlings, and a high planting helps the soil dry out quickly.

In order to avoid the rapid drying out of the earth after planting strawberry seedlings and to prevent the formation of a hard crust, you can mulch the soil in the garden. For these purposes, straw, dry earth, humus are used. If you mulch strawberry beds with needles, you can get a double result: moisture preservation and soil fertilization.

For the successful cultivation of this useful berry, it is not enough to know how to plant strawberries, you also need to properly care for it. Newly planted strawberries require regular watering. In dry weather, at least every other day during the week. Then, depending on the moisture content of the soil.

Well-groomed garden - high yield

Watering and weeding are not the only ways to care for this plant. Other factors also affect the yield and quality of berries.

  1. Pollination. In cold and rainy weather, insects do not sufficiently pollinate plants. As a result, the yield decreases, many berries are deformed. Considering that the current strawberry varieties are self-pollinated, you can use a paintbrush to paint over the flowers in dry warm weather. Also, to attract bees, it is a good idea to spray a bed of strawberries with a solution of honey.
  2. Diseases. Prevention of strawberry diseases includes loosening the soil, collecting dry and diseased leaves, blue spraying (3-4% Bordeaux liquid). For treatment, special complex chemical solutions are used, as well as drugs to fight certain diseases.
  3. Pests. Various methods are used to combat the huge number of strawberry pests. This is the physical removal of slugs, snails and millipedes, the use of chemicals, the use of herbal infusions and decoctions.

The right place for planting strawberries, the exact fulfillment of planting requirements, the acquisition of high-quality planting material and diligent maintenance of the beds will reimburse the financial and labor costs of a beautiful tasty sunny strawberry.

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