Shallots (families)

Shallots are popularly called family onions, since they form a multi-nested and multi-budded onion. Shallots are appreciated for both fragrant delicate greens and small tasty onions.

In Russia, varieties of shallots are zoned depending on climatic regions. It is also grown for greens indoors. For the southern regions, drought-resistant peninsular varieties "Kunak", "Kushchevka Kharkivskaya", "Zvezdochka", "Russian violet", "Zaporozhye" (spicy), Kubansky yellow "(semi-sweet)," Vansky "and" Bargalinsky "(sweet varieties) are recommended Shallots, suitable for the cold climatic zones of Siberia, the North and the Far East, must be early maturing, otherwise the bulbs will not have time to ripen during the season. These include, for example, "Siberian Yellow", "Sprint", "Sir-7".

To grow turnips, small bulbs are taken, heated at a temperature of 35-40 degrees and buried in holes to a depth of 5-6 cm. Caring for shallots is no different from caring for turnips. You also need to often loosen the aisles, weed, water, feed with slurry. Shallots can be planted before winter, the bulbs are quite cold-resistant. With prolonged vegetative propagation, the bulbs will degenerate, become small, therefore, sometimes seeds are used when planting shallots.

Watch the video: planting Fall Shallots Garden quick tip (January 2022).