Growing onions and turnips and feathers

April - early May is the time to start growing onions and turnips and feathers. Onions are a fairly frost-hardy plant, which is why they can begin to be planted a little earlier than more thermophilic vegetables. In addition, early planting has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system.

Soil preparation

It is best if the soil in the garden has been prepared since autumn. It is not necessary to use mineral fertilizers, it is enough to add a bucket of humus per linear meter, and dig up the ground, forming narrow beds. In the spring, the soil must be loosened, moistened, and ash must be added.

Preparing onions for planting

It is advisable to start growing onions and turnips, and feathers by soaking the planting material. To do this, you need to prepare a dark solution of potassium permanganate (5 g per 5 l of water). It is advisable to warm the solution to 50-60 °. The onion must be left in solution for 12 hours. After this procedure, onion roots germinate faster. For onions grown on a feather, it is necessary to cut off the top "by the shoulders", this will allow you to get a thicker bunch.

Landing in the ground

On the prepared bed with a flat cutter, you need to make a groove, water it well and immediately plant the bulbs in the mud. For growing turnip onions, a gap of 8 - 10 cm is desirable, and for growing feathers, you can plant bulbs back to back. If you add a tablespoon of dried sleeping tea leaves under each onion, you can prevent many diseases. From above, the grooves are sprinkled with humus.

Taking care of onions is easy. It is enough to water, weed and loosen the beds in time. It is necessary to loosen it without fail and often. In addition, the cultivation of turnip onions requires additional watering, especially at the initial stage.

To avoid such a nuisance as the defeat of onions by an onion fly, you need to water the beds twice with a solution of table salt (1 glass of salt per bucket of water). The procedure must be carried out carefully, trying not to get on the pen.

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