Rocket seeds for home garden

A lot has been said about rucola lately. And the desire to try this exotic seasoning in your own kitchen may prompt you to buy arugula seeds and plant them on your plot or even on the windowsill.

What is arugula?

I would like to immediately warn those who decided to immediately go to the nearest agricultural store and urgently purchase the cherished seeds - there may not be a product called arugula seeds on the shelf. The thing is that this fragrant herb has a lot of names: eruka, rucolla, rocket, arugula, indau, rocket, Eruca sativa. That is why it can be difficult to recognize arugula seeds when buying. In Russia, this overseas seasoning is also well known - it is a widespread weed with clawed leaves called caterpillar. But the most famous name for this annual herb, which has a mustard-nut-pepper flavor, is still “rucola”.

Growing arugula

Of course, arugula seeds germinate well in the open field, but if you want to have a fresh one at any time of the year, you should plant a small plantation on your own windowsill. You will need to buy a ready-made potting mix, although you can stock up on soil yourself. Note that arugula loves light, fertile soils. Low acidity of the soil will avoid the accumulation of nitrates in the foliage. Illumination is not so important for arugula and your "window garden" can be broken even on the northern side of the apartment. This arrangement is even preferable if you grow the seasoning in hot summer (from heat and drought, the leaves coarse and begin to shoot). The optimum temperature for her is 16 - 18 ° С. It is very important to water the arugula on time, as the lack of moisture makes its leaves bitter. Since arugula seeds are small, it is most convenient to sow the entire area, and then dive the seedlings. And the sooner you start pinching, the more intensively the bush will grow. A plant with about 10 cm is considered an adult.

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