Technology for growing strawberries in a greenhouse

Delicious, ripe strawberries are a great treat for children and adults. Strawberries can be frozen, but at the same time they still lose some of the useful qualities and flavor of the taste.

In temperate climates, strawberries are most often grown outdoors. Nature usually provides enough sun and moisture to get a good harvest. But if you want to have fresh berries all year round, you will have to learn about greenhouse care for this plant. For example, Romanians and Hungarians have a lot of experience in this business and hectares of greenhouses.

Growing strawberries in greenhouses can pay off quite well if you have a large, well-established farm. The greenhouse (or greenhouses) must be reliable, well protected from bad weather. In addition, there are many more nuances that you need to know in order to successfully do your job.

The technology of growing strawberries in a greenhouse is not difficult for those who have a strong desire to deal with this berry. It will be necessary to create good conditions for the growth and development of fruits. The longer the day (use additional lighting), the faster your strawberries will bloom.

Rosette whiskers must have a developed root system for the successful cultivation of adult plants. Manure and peat are well suited for fertilizing the soil in a greenhouse. Mineral fertilizers (just before planting) and carbon dioxide will not interfere.

You will also need to do artificial pollination. If the farm is small, you can do it yourself with a soft brush. For larger plantations, it is customary to use bee hives.

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