We figure out how to properly plant raspberries in the garden

Looking at the banks, the question of how to plant raspberries correctly can be considered already relevant. This nutritious food, full of vitamins and calories, needs to be prepared in advance.

We plant raspberries correctly

When choosing a location, stay at the sunniest. But you need to remember other features of the landing:

  • You cannot plant raspberries if you cannot provide them with sufficient moisture;
  • The landing time is both autumn and spring. That is, you can plant seedlings in spring and autumn;
  • It is necessary to make holes, but not very deep, about 40 cm. Raspberry roots grow, but not much;
  • Leave a distance of 70-80 cm between the seedlings;
  • The rows should also be planted at a distance of about 1 m;
  • It will be nice to add humus, and even taking root beginners need a lot of watering;
  • You can mulch the hole with sawdust;
  • Ideally, raspberries take about 10 days to survive;
  • Then it must be cut off, so it will be possible to stimulate its further growth;
  • Fertilizers are applied in the fall, then it is necessary to dig up the distance between the rows;
  • As a fertilizer, you will have to choose one of the means - a solution of manure, humus, a solution of chicken droppings (dissolve the fertilizer in water);
  • Superphosphate and potassium-type salt are also suitable.

This is how raspberries are planted, and this is how they are looked after. It is theoretically easy to land her. Dying shoots must be removed. Weak and damaged ones should not be left either. However, berry care is a separate topic. The main thing when planting is the right place and fertilization. In principle, it is quite simple to understand how to plant raspberries.

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