How to organize a business in the country: options for a family business on your site

For those who have not only garden plots, but also a lot of free time, the issues of making a profit using the dacha may become relevant. We will try to figure out whether it is possible to organize a business in the country, options for generating income with the help of a summer residence.


  • Ideas for organizing a business in the country
  • Growing early potatoes, the pros and cons of the potato business in the country
  • Raising pot-bellied Asian herbivorous pigs as a dacha business

Ideas for organizing a business in the country

The very first thing that comes to mind is the cultivation of fruits, berries, vegetables, greens in the country in order to sell them to the population. The second direction is the use of land for the production of poultry and animal meat. Family gardening business can be very diverse.

Vegetables and greens

Before anyone, how to choose crops for growing, you need to find out the consumer demand for them. It is enough to go to the local market and ask the price for the product. As a rule, the earliest products are in the greatest demand and at a good price. To get early vegetables and greens, you will need a greenhouse or film shelter. You can grow under them:

  • young radish
  • all types of salad
  • trendy arugula
  • spicy herbs such as dill, parsley and basil

The cultivation of these crops is beneficial not only because after the winter the consumer missed greens and vegetables from the open ground, but also because after harvesting the area of ​​the site can be reused.

If the size of the territory allows, then the small-scale production of early potatoes can be put in the basis of the family business in the country. Young early potatoes cost three to four times more than regular potatoes and are very popular. This type of business will be discussed in more detail below.

Berry crops

When choosing berries for growing for sale, it is also advisable to give preference to the earliest varieties. Even before strawberries, honeysuckle ripens in the gardens. This berry is no less useful than blueberries and currants. In addition to early crops, you can opt for more wild berries, such as garden blueberries, sometimes mistakenly referred to as blueberries. Naturally, garden strawberries, currants and raspberries can be grown for sale. These berries are always in demand. The success of the business depends on the selection of modern high-yield varieties with increased disease resistance.

Suburban poultry and livestock farming as a family business

According to the statutory documents of dacha cooperatives, as well as in accordance with veterinary and other legislation of the Russian Federation, it is impossible to set up a full-fledged farm in a dacha. Consequently, for business, you need to choose medium-sized, highly productive animals and birds, whose meat and live juveniles will be in consumer demand.

In addition, if the dacha is used for the season, it is necessary to provide for either the maintenance of the breeding stock in the winter, or its annual purchase.

The best option for growing in the country would be:

  • quail
  • rabbits
  • Vietnamese pot bellies

Raising quails and rabbits is already familiar to many, while breeding Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs is still a relatively new occupation, it will also be described in more detail below. If the dacha territory is used only in the summer, then it is unlikely to be profitable to grow mushrooms as a business, since in the summer many people prefer to collect forest mushrooms.

Growing early potatoes, the pros and cons of the potato business in the country

The production of early potatoes at a summer cottage does not require large investments. The biggest expenses are in the purchase of planting material, fertilizers and the purchase and (or) maintenance of a mini-tractor or motor-cultivator. Perhaps these mechanisms are already on the farm and the costs will be only for fuel and maintenance.

In order to grow a good early crop of tubers, you need to use healthy planting material. From an economic point of view, it is most profitable to purchase elite seed tubers, they are much cheaper at a price than super-super-elite and super-elite ones. The tubers of the first - second reproduction from elite seeds are also suitable.

The earliest and earliest fruitful varieties are:

  1. Alena - ripening 45 days after germination, yield up to 4.5 kg per sq. m, tuber weight from 90 to 160 g, starch content up to 17%;
  2. Caprice - the variety yields a harvest in 60 - 70 days after germination, oval smooth yellow tubers and creamy pulp increase marketability, disease resistance, starch content up to 14%;
  3. Impala - tubers ripen in about 60 days, they are oval in shape, weighing up to 150 g, well stored, starch content up to 15%.

Also suitable:

  • Prior
  • Ariel
  • Zhukovsky early
  • Spring
  • Kamensky
  • Leader

Land for planting needs to be prepared in the fall, provide for the costs of organic and mineral fertilizers. To protect seedlings from possible frost, you need to purchase covering material. Advantages of the potato business:

  • minor investment
  • quick payback
  • high demand
  • high prices


  • dependence on weather
  • labor intensity of manual cultivation

If the choice is made in favor of growing early potatoes, then here money really grows out of the ground.

Raising pot-bellied Asian herbivorous pigs as a dacha business

Despite the fact that the meat of these pigs is very tasty and tender, breeding of these animals can become a kind of business not for the sale of meat, but for the sale of pedigree young animals. It is advisable to grow Vietnamese pigs if the summer cottage is located separately and there are small meadows with good grass near it.

It is convenient to raise these pigs because they give good growth with a very moderate diet. Besides:

  • Vietnamese pigs become sexually mature at 3-4 months
  • short, equal to 114 days, gestation period
  • high fertility, one sow brings from 5 to 18 piglets
  • resistance to common swine diseases
  • at the age of three weeks, piglets can be sold to the population

Important! To obtain a healthy litter, you need to buy 3-4 sows in one farm, and a boar in another. In addition, it is imperative to choose purebred pigs, and not crossbreeds with other breeds. Such hybrids, although they will look like pot-bellied pigs, consume two to three times more feed than they do.

The disadvantages of such a business are:

  • significant investment in breeding animals
  • costs of purchasing feed
  • material costs for setting up a pigsty
  • veterinary waste
  • keeping breeding pigs in winter
  • risks in massive swine epidemics

In conclusion, it must be said that if your country house is spacious, equipped with all amenities and located in a picturesque place, then renting it out to vacationers can also be a good business.

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