How to grow horseradish in the country: tips and tricks for beginners

Horseradish is a wonderful and unpretentious plant that will come in handy not only when preserving preparations for the winter, but also as a useful seasoning for dishes for every day. In addition, horseradish makes an excellent seasoning for first courses, or an alcoholic drink. But how do you grow this plant on your site? We will understand the intricacies of the case in the article.


  • A little about the plant
  • Growing horseradish in the country
  • How to plant horseradish correctly

A little about the plant

Most often, horseradish grows in suburban areas unintentionally. Nobody sits him down or looks after him. But, when the period of rolling vegetables for the winter comes, it is this separately growing plant that comes in handy. Horseradish belongs to perennial frost-resistant plants, in which the bark system is well developed.

It is she who is especially valuable: the roots contain a large amount of potassium salts, vitamin C, essential oils, calcium, which give it such a specific smell and pungent piquant taste.

You should not plant horseradish in the garden, for an average family 2-5 bushes will be enough for you, nothing more. Everyone will be able to grow horseradish; this plant does not need any special knowledge and skills. Therefore, if you decide to grow horseradish in your garden, feel free to get down to this business. And we will consider all the necessary nuances further in the article.

Growing horseradish in the country

There are several important points to be aware of before planting a plant. The place for growing horseradish must be chosen carefully. A site where nothing has grown over the past few years is best suited for this. This can be a corner or the edge of the site. If this is not possible, then plant a plant with crops that free the soil from its presence early.

Soil preparation

It is better to give preference to the soil, which is the most fertile. In places where the soil is clayey and compacted, the plants will come out dry and very hard. Also, before planting, it is better to fertilize the site, dig it up and water it abundantly. Only in this case will the soil be optimally prepared for planting horseradish.

Choose an area for planting that will be maximally illuminated by the sun. Horseradish loves the sun, and if it's not enough, the plant will simply stop growing. After planting, the plant does not need to be looked after in any way. If you try to participate in some way in the growth of the plant, it will be frail and small. The best option is to leave the horseradish alone and not touch it.

Horseradish belongs to perennial plants, but you can grow it in one place for no more than 3 years, because after this period the plant becomes woody and not so tasty. As you can see, the rules of planting and care are extremely simple, even those who have never been involved in planting and growing vegetables can cope with them.

How to plant horseradish correctly

The plant is planted with the help of special rhizomes, which are harvested in the fall. Cuttings 12-15 cm long are considered the most successful, and no more than 1 cm thick. In addition, you can plant rhizomes, strong and persistent, which were obtained by cutting in the autumn.

In order for the horseradish on your site to give the best possible harvest, it is important to properly prepare them for planting. If you have limited time, and you simply do not have time to do such procedures, then nothing terrible will happen. But it is still recommended to do certain manipulations before landing:

  1. Remove excess buds from the cuttings, leaving only 2 lower buds, from which the root system will form, and 2 upper buds, from which greens will begin to grow.
  2. Dig small depressions so that only a few cm of the cutting remain above the ground, the rest is underground. Thus, the approximate depth of the fossa should be about 12-14 cm.
  3. Horseradish should be planted at an angle of 45 degrees, so it is accepted and grows best.
  4. If you plan to plant more than 2 bushes, keep a 40x60 spacing, which is considered optimal for normal plant growth and development.

Care after planting horseradish is quite simple - periodically water the plant, and loosen the soil, thus giving oxygen to the root system. It is important to remove the weeds that appear between the bushes in time. They can provoke disease, or damage the roots.

But, even if you do not do the above, you will still get an excellent horseradish harvest, which is enough for both preservation and preparation of aromatic and spicy sauces. Horseradish is an unpretentious plant that will grow and bear fruit even without care. But, if you follow the simple rules described above, you will achieve an excellent result.

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