What is the care of raspberries in spring

Raspberry is a semi-shrub with a two-year aboveground and many-year underground life, on the tops of which inflorescences first form, and then fruits appear.

Planting even the best varieties of raspberries, but not providing it with the necessary care, you can not expect tasty berries. Therefore, it is the care of raspberries in the spring that is the key to good yields in the future.

After winter, it is necessary to check the bushes for frozen branches and remove them partially or completely, depending on the degree of damage to the shoot. The situation is similar with diseased or withered branches. If these procedures are carried out in May-June, then all the nutrients will be directed specifically to healthy branches, and therefore caring for raspberries in the spring will be really effective.

When the bushes reach about 120-160 cm in height, it is better to cut them off, this will help the harvest of larger berries. And after that, pick up the shoots and tie them to the trellis.

With weak growth, the plant must be fed with fertilizers. Better if they are organic. However, they should be introduced very carefully, since the roots of raspberries do not lie deep. For the same reason, it is not worth digging the soil under the bushes; light loosening and weeding of weeds is quite enough.

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