Pruning plums in spring: basic rules for hobbyists

Plum is a delicious and healthy fruit. What is plum pruning in spring? How should you do it?


  • Why trim?
  • When should you prune a tree?
  • How to prune a sapling?
  • How to prune old plums?
  • How to treat drainage wounds after trimming done?

Why trim?

Those branches that grow back benefit the tree. They improve nutrition, the appearance of new shoots. This is a natural process. But if there is a desire to get a good harvest, to collect high-quality and large fruits, then it is worth pruning the branches. After this manipulation, most of the nutrients will begin to flow to the fruit, and not go to the branches.

To get a consistently rich harvest, it is worth pruning the tree every year. If you do not prune the branches, the fruitfulness of the plum will fall, and over time it will disappear altogether. Growers need to control the growth of the branches. In addition, do not forget that the plum grows rapidly. But what are the rules for pruning?

When should you prune a tree?

Experienced gardeners know that pruning is only necessary in the spring. If this is done in the fall, then the slices will heal slowly, and the tree may begin to ache. In the spring, the tree is easier to adapt after pruning. It is worth starting to engage in this procedure at a young age, when the plum has just been planted. After all, such a tree grows quickly, and the first fruits can be seen after 5 years.

It is recommended to wait warmly so that the weather is stable. The end of spring is ideal for this, when the first foliage appears on the tree, and the frosts are already behind. At night, temperature readings should not drop below zero. In this case, circumcision will not injure the plum, it will have a positive effect on its development.

Some specialists do this procedure early, as soon as the snow has disappeared. After all, there is an opinion that in a state of hibernation, a tree heals more easily. But pruning immediately after winter is worth in those regions where at such a time there are no longer severe frosts.

How to prune a sapling?

For the first time, pruning is done on a seedling. Once the plum has been planted, it is worth pruning it. This will direct the correct growth so that the tree does not waste energy on unnecessary branches. At a young age, the tree easily suffers damage, so it heals quickly. It is worth doing this procedure in the spring. But what is the right way to do this job?

To do this, you should adhere to the following sequence:

  1. The lower branch is shortened to the place where the good bud is. All branches where the underdeveloped buds are located are removed.
  2. All other branches are shortened to the point where the cut of the lower branch is.
  3. It is worth cutting the conductor correctly. It is shortened in such a way that it is a quarter meter higher from the rest of the branches. In this case, a pyramid shape will form. To make a spreading tree, the conductor is cut a quarter meter lower from the branches.
  4. If the shoots do not grow properly, then they must be pruned or tilted.

All manipulations are carried out until all branches have been processed.

How to prune old plums?

Don't forget about caring for old plums. It is also pruned in the spring to keep it fruitful for as long as possible. After pruning, fruiting increases by a couple of years. In addition, this procedure will affect the quality of the fruit, as it will grow large and tasty. But how to carry out this manipulation?

Correct cropping of plum on video:

It is necessary to cut off those branches that create friction against the bark of other shoots. Thus, they damage them and put pressure on them. This interferes with the movement of nutrients through the tree. It is necessary to remove those branches that grow inside the crown, which has formed. Those shoots that have already dried up are also subject to removal. It is worth cutting off those branches that are sick or broken.

In addition to the fact that some shoots are completely removed, it is also necessary to shorten. It is worth shortening the branches depending on the growth per year. For example, if it is large enough, more than 70 cm, then it is necessary to cut off a third of the shoot.

Over time, the plum grows old, so its growth slows down. In this case, it is worthwhile to carry out a special procedure - rejuvenation. The first such manipulation involves the removal of twigs that have grown 4 years before the aging of the plum. In this case, the cutoff scheme does not change. You should not do rejuvenation often. It is allowed to re-conduct it after 4 years.

Pruning old plum trees aims to remove old wood. The main thing to remember is that such a tree is not able to recover from an injury in a short time and start up new branches. The places where the cuts were should be equalized, cleaned and processed. This will prevent the death of the plant.

How to treat drainage wounds after trimming done?

Plum is an interesting tree that has its own characteristics. It can quickly dry out. Often gardeners are faced with the fact that the tree suffers from white rot. This often happens if the plum has suffered from frost. This tree easily tolerates the pruning procedure, after which it begins to grow in a short time. Regardless, it is worth processing the slices.

Plum can suffer from gum flow. Such a phenomenon appears on the trunk where the bark has been damaged, regardless of how it happened. Rodents, heavy or too wet soil, excess or deficiency of fertilizers can affect this.

Every gardener should remember these nuances when he is engaged in crown formation. Only in this way can a good and healthy tree be grown.

To trim the old plum, it is recommended to pay attention to the tools that are used. A sharp saw or knife is good for this. It is necessary to deal with the removal of shoots with care so as not to injure the tree. After that, nigrol putty, asphalt varnish are applied, with which the sections are processed.

In addition, some gardeners prepare their own garden var. The application of such funds occurs immediately after circumcision. So, in order for the plum to develop well and bring an excellent harvest, it is necessary to prune the branches. This will help shape the crown and affect the development of the tree.

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