Zircon: a preparation for plants that will make them stronger

The complex of measures for the care of plants includes their treatment with immunostimulants. Among such products, fertilizers that are safe for people and flowers, made on the basis of natural ingredients, have gained particular popularity.


  • Zircon: spectrum of action
  • Composition and production
  • Growth stimulant application
  • Analog Compatibility and Safety Issues

Zircon: spectrum of action

The drug belongs to phytohormones (flowering inducers, immunomodulators). It has a complex effect on the plant, activating its growth, generative and root-forming processes, increasing resistance to diseases and counteracting stress. Recommended for care at all stages of development, from seedbed preparation to harvesting.

Zirconium treatment allows:

  • Increase germination and accelerate the emergence of sprouts
  • Approximate the ripening time by 5-10 days
  • Increase productivity (increases from 35 to 60%)
  • Improve the quality of the final product
  • Reduce build-up of heavy metals
  • To activate the processes of formation of fruits and rhizomes
  • Protect the plant in stressful situations (drought, frost, excess moisture, lack of light)

The effect of the drug on seeds: more than 2 times, the penetration of liquid increases even through the hard shell. The result is high quality seedlings with a strong root system.

Phytohormone with Heteroauxin will help cuttings to take root. To this end, the composition is effectively used for crops such as sakura, almond, lilac, barberry, clematis, rose, conic spruce, thuja, cypress, currant.

The remedy not only brings the moment of the appearance of flowers closer, but also acts against shedding of the ovaries. As practice has shown, the number of opened inflorescences in the treated chrysanthemums has increased several times. The roses bloomed 10 days earlier than expected. Cut flowers react to Zircon by staying fresher longer.

The positive properties of the biostimulant will manifest themselves in due measure with proper care of the crop. If the plant is uncomfortable, then no drug can keep it in good condition.

Zircon cannot be regarded as a panacea for all ills: they cannot cure the affected specimen. Pretreatment - prevention of fusarium, bacteriosis and rot. Zircon is a widely used substance that will be beneficial at all stages of plant development.

Composition and production

Components of the herbal preparation. These are hydroxycinnamic acids dissolved in alcohol (0.1 g / l): coffee, chicory, chlorogenic. Substances are released from Echinacea purpurea.

The absence of chemical components makes it possible to obtain products of high taste and marketability. The storage period of the crop is increased. At the same time, all useful properties are preserved. Such products are allowed to be used in dietary and baby food. Medicines are made from them.

Biostimulator - development of the company NNPP "NEST M" (2001). The company is the only manufacturer of top dressing. On the shelves there is a drug packaged by this and other companies. The production form of Zircon is plastic ampoules with a 1 ml lid (40 drops). Also on sale there are plastic bottles or cans of different capacities (1 l, 5 l, 10 l and 20 l).

Fertilizer smells like alcohol. If you dilute it, foam will appear. The color of the product is light yellow or yellow with a hint of green. The active ingredient is decomposed by light: the plants are sprayed early in the morning or at night. Zircon's natural ingredients make it safe for humans and animals.

Growth stimulant application

The working solution is prepared in a plastic, enamel and glass container. It is prohibited to use galvanized dishes. Technology:

  • Pour 1/3 of the required amount of water into a bowl
  • Add Zircon and stir
  • Rinse the fertilizer container with water
  • Pour it into the working mixture
  • Add water to the required volume
  • Mix everything thoroughly

The substance is ready for use. Processing is carried out on the day of preparation.

Soaking planting material

The prepared solution should be at room temperature. Tubers, seeds and bulbs are immersed in it. Norms for some plants (the amount of the drug per 1 liter of water):

  1. All varieties of cucumbers - 5 drops (6-8 hours).
  2. Vegetable crops - 10 drops (6-8 hours).
  3. Flowers - 1 ampoule (6-8 hours).
  4. Potatoes - 20 drops (1 l - 100 kg of tubers).
  5. Gladioli - 20 drops (for 24 hours).
  6. The rest of the bulbs - 4 dozen drops (from 18 to 24 hours).

For cuttings, 1 ampoule of top dressing is diluted in 1 liter of water. The shoots are processed for 12-14 hours.


The procedure is carried out during the growing season of plants. An early windless morning is chosen for work. It is necessary to evenly moisten the leaves with the prepared solution. If the plant has undergone stress (planting, illness, temperature drop), the stimulant is applied once every 7 days.

When planning to improve the condition of fruit trees, 1 ampoule of growth regulator is diluted in 10 liters of water. Spraying berries, add 11-13 drops to the same volume of liquid. Acting on shrubs, the amount of Zircon is increased to 18-20 drops. If the drug is used during the formation of inflorescences, then they bloom much faster.

Vegetable crops are processed until the fruits are formed. To act on potatoes, add 4 drops of top dressing to 3 liters of water. They work when full shoots appear and after budding.


A solution is being prepared: 1 ampoule per 10 liters of water. Zircon is used by soaking planting material, spraying and watering plants.

Analog Compatibility and Safety Issues

The immunostimulant is allowed to be mixed with popular drugs against diseases and parasites, other phytohormones. But there is an exception - top dressing with an alkaline reaction, which significantly reduces its beneficial effect. Before connecting, it is worth checking: add a few drops of one product to another. If a precipitate appears, then they cannot be mixed.

Ordinary tap water is not entirely suitable for preparing a working solution, as it is alkaline. Adding a few crystals of citric acid will significantly improve its quality.

Zircon is used as an "adhesive" because it contains shampoo. This is the name given to substances that enhance the effectiveness of pesticides, fungicides or insecticides. Reduces the rate of toxic chemicals when administered together with them.

Vegetable components are absolutely harmless not only for humans, but also for warm-blooded animals. Fertilizer will not spoil the soil, will not pollute ground and surface waters. Fish, bees and other beneficial insects will not die from it. When applying top dressing, you should remember about basic safety measures in contact with chemicals. The main rules: use overalls while working, do not drink or smoke, wash thoroughly at the end of the procedure.

The substance is kept indoors, where the temperature does not rise above 250C. Avoid contact with food and medicine. Zircon is combined with most plant care products and is used with caution.

Today, the growth promoter is widely used in the cultivation and cultivation of more than 60 types of crops. This herbal preparation provides maximum benefits without causing harm.

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