Insulation of the attic and pitched roof of a house from the inside with foam in a country house Mon 06.04.2015 - 07:45

During the construction of almost any object in our climatic zone, the question arises about their insulation. This is often a REAL HEADACHE!

Depending on the choice of material, certain problems arise with its installation, impregnation, waterproofing. The disadvantage of many materials is the cracks at the joints, which leads to the appearance of the so-called bridges of cold and condensation on the walls. The sheet heat-insulating material must be somehow fixed to the surface: with glue - there is a risk of delamination as a result of temperature changes, with screws - there will be cold bridges. But what if the wall has a complex shape, to which you cannot fit the tiles? There are, of course, elastic fibrous heat insulators, which include, for example, glass wool, but hygroscopicity significantly limits the scope of this heat insulator, not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue ... What to do? THERE IS A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM!

Moreover, the solution is elegant and effective. There is a first-class thermal and waterproofing material that is a real pill for all these headaches. This polyurethane foam is by far the best insulation from everything that mankind has managed to invent.

• It has the lowest thermal conductivity among all heat insulators.

• It is resistant to all chemical and temperature influences.

• It is applied to the walls by spraying from special installations, which excludes the possibility of delamination and ensures a neat appearance of the treated surface.

• It not only does not require waterproofing, like many other heat-insulating materials, but moreover, it is itself an ideal waterproofing agent: one of the varieties of polyurethane foam - polyurea - is an ideal solution to any problem in this area.

• He also ...

You know, it takes a very long time to list its advantages, yes, in fact, there is no need for it: if you want to study in detail the properties of polyurethane foam and discover this miracle in the world of heat, hydro and noise insulation, it is best to go to the website of our company Kucherenkoff & Co, where you you can find answers to all questions that may arise in connection with the use of polyurethane foam.

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