Mulching potatoes

I will make a reservation right away for the uninitiated - mulching is the creation of a protective layer on the ground. The top layer of earth can be covered with:

  • mown grass,
  • peat,
  • film,
  • agrofibre,
  • humus.

Mulching potatoes is a good way to protect early potatoes. Mulch retains heat and moisture, accelerates development and prevents weeds from spreading.

Types of mulching

If it is important for you to accelerate growth, then mulching potatoes with plastic wrap or agrofibre will help you with this. From above, the film must be sprinkled with earth, especially well at the edges, so that it is not blown away by the wind.

Agrofibre, in contrast to film, allows rain moisture to pass through. Before weeding, it is removed, after which the site is again covered until hilling.

Mulching potatoes under a film retains heat well and retains natural moisture. Do not worry that the soil will be dry, this is not scary, because at the very beginning of growth, the development of the plant occurs at the expense of the mother tuber.

Mulch must be harvested immediately after the emergence of potatoes.

When mulching potatoes with natural substances - grass, straw, humus, peat, compost, cover the soil with a thin layer of the selected material so that there is no debate from below.

Features of mulching

It is worth noting that for the cold season, mulching potatoes with a film is better, for the warm season - with natural substances.

To protect potatoes, immediately after mulch removal. you need to huddle it.

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