Everything you need to know about Rosara potatoes

For a long time, potatoes have occupied almost the first place among vegetables in any family. Since the diet can not do without it.


  • About Rosar's potatoes
  • The appearance of the Rosar potato itself
  • Shrub part of Rosary
  • Taste qualities of Rosar potatoes
  • The value of the Rosara variety
  • What soil is needed for Rosar's potatoes

About Rosar's potatoes

Rosara (SAKA-RAGIS PFLANZENZUCHT GBR) is one of the most reliable and stable potato varieties of German breeding. Today it occupies one of the first places among various varieties of potatoes. Treat an early variety of table use. It is usually planted in late spring and two and a half months are enough for it to fully mature. That is, somewhere at the end of summer, you can safely enjoy the harvest. One bush accommodates up to 18 tubers, one tuber can weigh up to 100 grams. The largest fruitful year brought up to 25 tubers in one bush.

The appearance of the Rosar potato itself

The rosara variety of potatoes differs in its appearance, as it has a skin from light red to dark red, which is slightly rough to the touch. Inside, it pleases with a light yellow color. The potatoes themselves are quite large and have an oval-round shape with small eyes. In the bush, all tubers are almost the same size.

Shrub part of Rosary

Its bush is erect, not very large and slightly spreading. It blooms with red-purple flowers.

Taste qualities of Rosar potatoes

Taste quality is the most important quality that a person pays attention to. After all, potatoes were created in order to eat them, but you want to eat deliciously. But Rosare can be rated 5 out of 5 for its excellent taste. Due to its beautiful inner yellow color, any puree will look appetizing. It also does not boil over, and therefore is well suited for fried potatoes and salads, where you need to grate or cut into cubes (strips). And what is important - it contains not a large amount of starch.

The value of the Rosara variety

This potato is appreciated for many characteristics. One of these is a high yield, which is almost impossible to spoil by any whims of nature. And in a cold rainy summer and in a sultry heat, the result exceeds all expectations. It is also appreciated for long good storage, which is important for early potato varieties. And a very valuable quality - high resistance to various fungal diseases. Will give birth perfectly for 4-5 years in a row, which saves worries about changing seeds.

What soil is needed for Rosar's potatoes

In order to harvest an excellent and decent harvest of Rosar potatoes, this variety alone is not enough. Since everything in the world requires care and attention. And Rosara is no exception. After the harvest has been harvested and the land has "cooled down" in the fall in order to get rid of unnecessary weeds, the soil is loosened. This is done using a disc or share cultivator, as well as using a plow with a soil deepener.

Then, after winter, when the ground has cleared of snow, they make a very deep orc. And before planting, they are cultivated to the depth of planting the tubers. It is also necessary to fertilize it with manure and mineral fertilizers.

If you carefully monitor and feed the soil for Rosary, you can get a crop of up to 400 kilograms from a hundred square meters of land.

You can learn more about how to grow potatoes from the video.

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