Vegetable garden - remontant strawberry

Renovation is translated from French as "blooming again". This is the ability of some plants to repeat or multiple flowering, fruiting in one growing season.

Reparability is observed in strawberries, raspberries, strawberries, as well as some citrus fruits. Popular among gardeners are remontant strawberries, which are capable of producing a harvest of delicious berries twice.


  • The concept of remontability and its difference from garden varieties
  • Remaining strawberry varieties
  • Cultivation of remontant strawberries and care
  • Pest control

The concept of remontability and its difference from garden varieties

After the first fruiting, the repairing strawberry begins to bud and set the berries. This strawberry needs more frequent watering and good quality fertile soil. Remontant strawberry bushes give an excellent harvest from mid-spring to late autumn.

Repaired strawberries differ from garden varieties in weaker foliage, rather small berries and fragility.

Fragility is associated with a constant reload of yield, and not every plant can cope with such a huge load. Usually, the first crop of such strawberries is less than the second: 30 percent is the first crop, and 70 percent is the second. Only the strongest bushes can withstand such a load, so after the first harvest, some of them may die. A strong strawberry bush can live for about three years.

To get a richer second crop, you need to know how to sacrifice the first crop. For this purpose, the peduncles should be pruned in the spring.

To get tendrils, especially in a weakened area, you should learn to sacrifice a second crop. Strawberry planting is fed with nitrogen fertilizers in the summer and all flower stalks are cut off. In this case, strawberry bushes will not waste energy on the formation of rosettes.

Remaining strawberry varieties

There are many different varieties of remontant strawberries, each with their own pros and cons. Popular among gardeners are the varieties Mitsa Nova, Belaya Dream, Arapakho, Irma, Red Rich, Lyubasha (Lyubava), Tribute, Geneva, Tristar, Superfection, Ozark Beauty and Fort Laremy.

There are also hanging strawberries that can be grown in hanging planters.

The Mitsa Nova variety is distinguished by sweeter berries. White Dream has a pineapple flavor. Arapaho has a high yield. Lyubasha is a frost-resistant variety.

Cultivation of remontant strawberries and care

Repaired strawberries can be grown from seeds as well as seedlings. Growing from seeds allows you to maintain the purity of the variety. The container with seeds is covered with foil and placed in a warm place. The seeds must be exposed to sunlight.

Before planting seedlings, the garden must be prepared and the necessary fertilizers applied. The seedling is transferred to the hole along with a clod of earth. The soil around the seedling must be periodically loosened and monitored so that the roots of the strawberry are not exposed. The soil can be added during the growth of the plant.

Watering this strawberry variety should be abundant. But the soil should not float when watering.

In order to partially reduce the swelling of the soil, mulching with sawdust, humus, straw is used. Strawberries need to be fed during flowering; for this, special mineral fertilizers are used. Repaired varieties must be continuously supplied with nitrogen and potassium, and phosphorus fertilizers must be applied during soil preparation.

It is important to periodically inspect strawberry bushes, remove leaves and weed weeds. If the berries are on the ground, then they should be lifted with the help of a wire ring-shaped support. To get larger berries, you should constantly break off the antennae.

At home, strawberries can yield 10-30 percent more crops than conventionally grown strawberries.

With the onset of winter, remontant strawberries should experience slight frosts several times, only after that leaves should be cut off from the bushes and covered with non-woven material.

Pest control

In order to get healthy and full-fledged berries, you need to remember about pest control. For example, to combat aphids, you need to prepare a solution that consists of two to three heads of garlic, filled with three liters of cold water. The solution will be ready in a week, with this solution using a sprayer you need to process bushes with aphids.

To combat wasps, you need to arrange jars of something sweet around the beds. Then the wasps will be distracted from the berries and switch to jars.

To fight birds, you need to scatter small red glass balls around the bushes. After trying to nibble on such balls, most birds no longer touch the strawberries.

Repair strawberry is a crop that has become more common over time. This is due to the more abundant, prolonged and continuous fruiting, which is observed with the observance of agricultural techniques for growing remontant strawberries.

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