Crown mock: the beauty of modesty

Summer is a fertile time. AND crown mock-orange - one of the main ones.

In our country, this plant has been known for a long time. From the hollow stem of the bush, smoking pipes were made - chubuki, which apparently served as the popular name of this plant.

The crown of the crown itself belongs to the numerous the hydrangea family... The correct name for this shrub in Latin will sound Philadelphus coronarius... Sometimes the crown mock-orange is incorrectly called jasmine, comparing its aroma with another ornamental shrub.

Crown mock grows in height up to 3 meters, its branches are quite spreading. The flowers of this plant species are ordinary, not double. They are large enough for a shrub and can be about 5 centimeters in diameter. Flowers of the mock-orange corona are collected in a brush of several pieces. The shrub blooms in late July and continues to bloom for a little over two weeks. The flowers of the crown mock-orange have a creamy hue.

Simplicity and artlessness, but surprisingly pleasant aroma of the crown mock-orange served as the basis for many other varieties of this shrub. they are constantly being improved by breeders who seek to change the appearance of flowers, their color, aroma, duration of flowering and growing conditions.

Crown mock-orange is one of the most common shrubs in most of our country and Western Europe. It is unpretentious in cultivation, but does not tolerate very cold winters. when growing this shrub in more northern regions, it is necessary to take certain measures to protect it in winter, preventing it from freezing.

Good luck!

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