How to plant corn?

How to plant corn? Corn is a valuable vegetable crop with high taste and nutritional qualities. Corn contains a large amount of mineral salts, fats, carbohydrates and dry matter.

How to plant corn? For corn, you need to pick sunny placeprotected from the wind and well drained soil. For example, light to medium loamy soil. The best predecessors for corn, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, cucumbers and cabbage are considered.

Corn is planted either seedlingsor seeds in the ground... For seedlings, seeds are planted in April, in June, corn is transplanted into the ground. Seeds are planted in the ground in June, when the soil warms up enough. Two weeks before the time of planting corn, the soil must be dig up... They bring into the soil complex fertilizer... Corn seeds the day before planting should be soak... Before planting, the soil must be loosened and leveled. The soil is thoroughly moistened. Seeds are planted at a distance of about 50 centimeters. Place in each well two corn seeds to a depth of two centimeters. Then you should water the area again. The garden must be covered. Suitable for this polyethylene film... The ground under the film warms up better, so the seeds germinate faster.

After the sprouts appear, they need sort out... The strongest shoots are left, and the weak ones are removed. Then attention needs to be paid to corn. You need a little soil mulch, weed, water occasionally. During cob formation, corn requires a lot of moisture.

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