Potted strawberries - vitamins on the balcony

Strawberry is one of the traditional summer flavors, evoking romantic images of tea in the country, picnics and relaxation. And if a person does not live in a village and does not have a summer residence, but only a loggia or a balcony in a city apartment? There is an option for them - strawberries in pots.

For several years now, there have been varieties of strawberries that grow almost indoors, bearing fruit almost all year round. Of course, you can't grow on the balcony for jam and compotes, but you can eat this delicious berry if you wish.

Potted strawberries

The balcony should face the sunny side, otherwise the plants will have to be illuminated with special lamps.

Most suitable for growing strawberries in pots remontant self-pollinated varieties, which, subject to the light and thermal conditions, bloom almost all year round.

Since the amount of land on the balcony is limited, the soil must be fertile and sufficiently loose and moderately dense.

The size of the pots for strawberries should be at least 15 by 15 cm. Seedlings can be grown from seeds on their own, or you can purchase them, but then you first need to keep them in quarantine for several days.

Planted one bush in a pot, trying not to cover the root collar. Further strawberry care consists in systematic watering, feeding once a month (if the variety is remontant), if strawberries are grown in pots of seasonal varieties, feeding is carried out 2-3 times per season.

Excess whiskers are removed, and then the plants are fed. Balcony strawberries do not need to cut leaves, only old ones are removed. It is sometimes necessary to give the strawberries a dormant period.

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