Diseases of pepper and methods of protection

According to statistics, from pests and diseases of plants gardeners lose about a third of their harvest. Therefore, during the cultivation of certain vegetables or fruits, a special role is given to protecting plants from diseases.

Diseases of pepper and methods of protection especially interesting for amateur gardeners, since this capricious vegetable, if it bears fruit, then during ripening they can disappear, just like the whole plant. Well, almost everyone knows about the benefits of pepper - this a rich source of glucose, protein, vitamins E, C, B1, P1, B3, provitamin A, carotene and mineral salts.

Often, during cultivation, peppers are affected by fungi, bacteria, viral and even microplasma diseases. Therefore, pepper diseases and methods of protection against them are studied to one degree or another by all gardeners, each of whom knows that it is better to prevent the disease than to cure it.

The most common disease of pepper is blacklegthat attacks the root system, softens it and the plant withers. To prevent this disease, the seeds must be etched before planting in the ground for seedlings. If the plants are grown in greenhouses, then they must also be disinfected.

Dry spot a very common disease of peppers and other vegetables in hot regions where it rains from time to time. Its pathogens are the imperfect fungus Alternana solani, which is killed by dressing the seeds before planting or applying chemicals during the growing season.

A similar disease is white spot, the control measures which are very similar to the measures against the previous disease.

There are a lot of diseases of pepper, like other varieties of nightshade, and against each of them there are precautions, the main of which is seed dressing even before sowing for seedlings. But it is advisable to be extremely careful with chemicals.

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