Feeding strawberries

Strawberry - a berry that is loved by both adults and children. If there is a desire and opportunity, you can try grow this crop indoors with special conditions and feasts on fresh fruits in the winter cold. It remains for me to stock up on it in the high season.

If you want to eat strawberries, you will have to have a little of it too. feed... Recommend doing this three times a year. Whole works have been written about the fertilization of this popular berry, and special studies have also been carried out on this matter. The fact is that strawberries may react differently to feeding on different soils... Sometimes the wrong fertilization, instead of stimulating, on the contrary, inhibits the growth and development of plants.

In order not to go into details, I will say only one thing - the most effective and universal as a result of research turned out to be complex mineral fertilizer... Before planting, you can fill the soil with manure or leguminous green manures.

How to feed strawberries in spring? They say that it gives a good result fractional application of nitrogen fertilizers back in March... From this, the berries become larger. What if repeat the procedure after harvest - then the number of fruits will increase. For those interested to note: there is nitrogen in wood ash, which is sprinkled on the soil around the plant while loosening the soil.

Lovers of folk recipes also have their own way of feeding strawberries. They pour a bucket of nettle with warm water and insist for about a week... The bushes are watered with this infusion at the stage of their formation and after the entire crop has been harvested.

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