The tulip tree in the photo is beautiful

The tulip tree in the photo is an ornamental tree reaching a height of 60 meters in the regions of North America, where it comes from, and in cooler regions - 30 meters. Cultivation of a tulip tree outside of its habitat is quite possible, since it does not show aggression towards other plants.

The tulip tree belongs to the decorative species, one of the highest. Fast growing representative. The average height of which is 25 - 36 meters, at home - up to 60 meters, and the volume of the trunk can reach 3 meters. Young trees are decorated with a pyramidal crown, only after a certain period does it become more oval. Young trees have smooth, gray-green bark, while mature trees have uneven, barbed bark. The average trunk volume ranges from 60 cm to 150 cm. The branches are brown in color and give the impression that they are covered with wax. The leaves are wide, up to 20 cm long, the buds are similar to the buds of tulips, which is why the tree is named. Flowers are most often yellow or gray-green, rarely white. The corolla has a subtle cucumber aroma. When a branch breaks, a spicy smell appears. In the eastern United States, the tulip tree is one of the most honey-bearing trees. The flowering period starts at the end of May and ends at the end of June. The fruits are cone-shaped, elongated.

When creating favorable conditions tulip tree pictured growing rapidly. Clay soil with a good surface layer of chernozem and well-drained is preferred. This tree belongs to the family of magnoliaceae, in which fleshy roots break easily if handled carelessly. It is necessary to plant the tree in early spring, until the first leaves appear.

Life span the tulip tree is about 500 years old. It is present in the symbols of such American states as Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky.

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