Where is coffee grown and is it possible to do it in our conditions

A cup of aromatic coffee in the morning - and the day started well... He tones up, awakens, gives strength to a slightly tired body. Coffee is not a necessity, but it is more pleasant to start a new day with it. Where is coffee grown, what conditions are needed for it, I will tell you in this post.

A coffee tree highly dependent on the climate, therefore it cannot grow everywhere. About 70 countries of the world grow this crop more or less successfully. And they all, in fact, located along the equator, in a belt about 30 degrees wide to the north and the same to the south. Indonesia and Ethiopia, Brazil and Cuba, and other countries with equatorial and tropical climates have plantations of different varieties of coffee tree.

Some interesting facts

In the mountains, coffee ripens slowly, but is considered tastier. And in humid warm valleys, this culture can bloom and bear fruit all year round, giving up to four harvests over this time. Each tree bears fruit for about 50 years. Of these, the most intense in this regard are the first 15 years. Due to the fact that the soil, climatic and other conditions for the growth of coffee in different countries differ significantly, then chemical composition, taste of the same variety may differ depending on the country of origin.

You can grow a coffee tree at homeby creating certain conditions for him. But it will be sooner ornamental plant, which can give a certain amount of fruit, but whether there will be enough of them or the taste will correspond to the coffee we are used to.

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