How to sow petunia correctly

Petunia can become a decoration not only for a summer cottage, but also for an open balcony, as well as a window sill. How to sow petunia correctly, any amateur florist can tell.

To obtain flowering seedlings at the end of May, petunia seeds should be sown already in mid-March... Various soil mixtures are suitable for growing petunias, with the exception of only alkaline and strongly acidic soils. The soil can be purchased at the store or prepared by yourself. To do this, mix sod land with humus, peat and sand... It is recommended to add lime to acidic soil.

Before sowing, it is recommended to mix petunia seeds with fine dry sand so that later you do not have to dive the seedlings.

A layer should be placed on the bottom of a pot or other container drainage, for example, crushed expanded clay, and on top of a layer of moist earth, on which seeds should be sown, then sprinkle them with settled water from a spray bottle, and then cover them with a layer of earth about two millimeters thick. It is recommended to cover the pot with glass or thick paper. In this case, the room temperature should be about 20-23 degrees.

During the first week after sowing petunia seeds, you need to once or twice a day spray the soil a very weak solution of potassium permanganate. Subsequently, the frequency of watering can be reduced by increasing the amount of water for the next watering.

After emergence, it is recommended to start spraying with mineral fertilizers... After completing all these recommendations once, you will already know exactly how to sow petunia correctly. Therefore, replanting this plant will not be difficult.

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