Planting roses in spring. How to plant a rose correctly

Planting roses in spring begins after a thorough heating of the soil and the establishment of warm weather for working with open ground. It is undesirable to plant roses in May, since warming and possible droughts prevent the normal rooting of seedlings.

A later planting increases the risk of rather slow plant development and poor flowering of roses in the first year.

Early planting in spring assumes maximum rooting of shoots with two or three buds left at the root collar. This will stimulate dormant kidneys and induce their active development.

Planting roses in spring. How to plant a rose

Decorative roses, if they are grafted onto a rose hip, are not too demanding on the soil. Own-rooted roses require more attention.

Before boarding, you need update root slices, cutting them to 18-20 cm, and remove dried roots to living tissue. Then dig holes up to 30 cm deep, and mix the removed soil thoroughly with rotted manure (10 parts of soil for 1 part of manure). Next, the roots are placed in the hole, freely and evenly distributing them. The root collar should be at the level of the top layer of the earth.

Sprinkle the roots with loose soil to half of the hole, watered with water to compact. Then the soil is poured to ground level, the vertical position of the plant is corrected and the level of the root collar is checked. The soil can then be slightly compacted and watered again. After complete absorption of moisture, the surface of the well mulch with dry soil... This will prevent moisture from evaporating intensively and protect the roots from drying out.

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