Astrantia in the photo

Flowering plants are very pleasing to the human eye, the only drawback of most of them is that they bloom for a very short time. But there are also flowers that are elegant for almost the entire warm season, for example, Astrantia. Astrantia in the photo looks like fireworks, she is always beautiful and unusual. This flower is very unpretentious, it never gets sick with anything.

Blooming astrania looks like an explosion of a galaxy of stars, the main flower is surrounded, like a fireworks, with small flowers. Americans are very fond of this plant, as it blooms by Independence Day. The British have been cultivating Astrantia for over four centuries and are still developing new species.

Astrantia in the photo is always unusual, it amazes with a riot of colors, its flowers vary in color, from pale white to rich burgundy tones. The first flowers can be seen at the plant already at the beginning of May, from this time on, Astrantia will bloom until late autumn, filling the garden with all sorts of shades.

Among the many species of this culture distinguish Astrantia major, which is considered the largest and strongest. All types of Astrantia are perennials, they can grow up to 70 cm in height. This flower grows beautifully on lawns, in thickets of bushes, in mixed flower beds, Astrantia feels great both in the sun and in the shade.

Astrantia looks especially beautiful in bouquets, such compositions do not fade for a long time, and a bouquet from Astrantia in the photo looks very elegant and bright. Ikebana is made from this flower, which are perfectly preserved until next spring. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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