Breeding grapes by cuttings, simple ways

Many novice gardeners are interested in the question of whether it is possible cultivation of grapes by cuttings, because this is the simplest, not costly way of growing.

Cuttings are harvested when pruning bushes, at the turn of September - October, using the middle part of summer shoots that have already borne fruit. The prepared cuttings are soaked for about a day, disinfected in a weak solution of ferrous sulfate, then dried and marked.

The prepared cuttings are stored in a cellar, basement or refrigerator under plastic wrap.

In winter (late January - early February), the harvested cuttings must be soaked for two days in warm snow or settled water, changing daily, and kept in a root formation stimulator for a day.

Cultivation of grapes by cuttings. Breeding methods

1. At the bottom of a plastic glass with holes with a capacity of half a liter, pour a mixture of earth and leaf humus (1: 1) with a layer of 2 cm, in the center of which - a plastic cup of 0.2 liters. The space between them is covered with earth, compacted and watered. A smaller glass is filled with river sand, washed and calcined, watered, a hole is made in the center of the sand, into which a handle is inserted. Top up the glass with sand, close it with a plastic bottle without a bottom and a lid. Sprinkle with warm water. When 4-5 leaves are formed, you can plant.

2. At the bottom of a plastic bottle without a throat, holes are made, drainage is poured, 6-8 tablespoons of soil mixture. The grape stalk is placed with a slope, the upper eye should be flush with the bottle. Then steamed old sawdust is poured, placed on the windowsill and covered with a disposable glass.

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