Caring for the coffee plant

If suddenly from a person's life coffee disappearedhow many disappointed souls, sleepy eyes, tired hands and unlearned exams there would be. The main thing is to know when to stop.

You've probably already heard that a coffee tree can also be grown at home. To do this, you need to be very fond of not only the black aromatic drink, but also the greens on the windowsill, and carefully take care of the plant. The harvest may not be that great. Will you get more from one tree than half a kilo of grains... But it will be the result of your work, gratitude for the alarm and guardianship. Plus, the coffee itself looks interesting. it nice symmetrical shrub shiny dark leaves, growing up to one and a half meters in height.

Caring for the coffee plant - this is an abundance of light and warmth. However, it is best to avoid direct sunlight. Abundant watering is also extremely important for him. As soon as the soil dries up a little on top, you can replenish the moisture reserves. The water must be separated and a little warmer than room. Once a week, it does not hurt to arrange a warm shower for the bush.

Feeding coffee water solution of the barn and mineral fertilizer... Once every two years, in the spring, coffee is transplanted. No pruning is required for the plant. The ornamental bush propagates by seeds and cuttings. Seeds must be planted while still freshotherwise they will lose germination. Cuttings do not root very well.

Watch the video: Coffee as a Houseplant (January 2022).