Storing dahlias in winter

Storing dahlias in winter is essential for the future harvest. It must be remembered that what longer tubers will stay in the soil, the better they will withstand storage. Dahlia tubers can even tolerate small frosts.

Cleaning tubers should be in their careful sortingremoving weak and diseased plants. Digging dahlias is desirable in dry weather... Then the stems are cut, peeled from the roots and laid out to dry for a week. Dahlia storage in winter can be done in boxes, on the bottom of which they put paper, then lay out the tubers and cover them with earth. You can also put paper on top

The best conditions for storing dahlia tubers are cellars and cellars... There is sufficient air humidity and low temperatures. Tubers can be stored in apartments in plastic bags, sprinkling them with peat. For better preservation of tubers, you can cover them paraffin. To do this, the paraffin is heated, the tubers are dipped there and dried. Before planting, the tubers are wiped to crack the film.

Some varieties of dahlias need to be stored in pots. The pots of the tuber are dug up, wrapped in newspaper and packed in a bag. In the spring, the pots are taken out, watered, then transplanted or separated. In addition, tubers can be stored in sand or sawdust. The tubers need to be scanned several times. Decaying areas are cut and disinfected or the affected tubers are removed. In the spring, a bag of dahlias can be moved to a warm room, and you can also add a few tablespoons of water to it to awaken the tubers.

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