How to plant cucumbers for seedlings? Easily!

Every gardener considers it his duty to get a huge harvest of the most popular crop - cucumbers in the sultry summer. After a period of summer harvesting, it is so pleasant to open a jar of pickles in winter! But before that, you need to figure out how to plant cucumbers for seedlings.

Cucumber planting technology

  • Select seeds according to regional climatic conditions and cucumber growing goals /
  • Discard the seeds with a 5% sodium chloride solution. After being in the solution for several minutes, low-quality seeds will appear on the surface. It is also advisable to disinfect the seeds with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Keep the seeds in a humid environment for 2-3 days. They are ready to plant when they germinate and reach 2-3 millimeters in size.
  • Place each plant in a hotel peat pot and keep it at a temperature above 25 degrees until shoots appear. To prevent the sprouts from reaching up, they need to be highlighted, especially on cloudy days.

If you follow all the recommendations, you will get a rich harvest. And before you plant cucumbers for seedlings, do not forget that you need to do this no more than three weeks before the intended planting in the ground, otherwise the seedlings will stretch out strongly and lose their qualities. Have a nice harvest!

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