Raspberry care in spring is especially important

Raspberries love light and sun, therefore, give her an unshaded place on the site. Swampy and waterlogged soils negatively affect raspberries.

As a top dressing, choose potash and nitrogen fertilizers... Apply organic fertilizer every fall or spring. For 1 sq. m need 5 kg of humus (compost), 25 g of double superphosphate and 20 g of potassium sulfate.

Repaired raspberry varieties take a lot of micronutrients from the soil. For good growth and yield, apply twice the required amount of top dressing.

For propagation, cuttings, root suckers and layering are used.

Every year new shoots sprout from the raspberry rhizomes. They are good for breeding. Cut when they reach a length of 20 cm and planted on site.

Periodically, raspberries need to be weeded and loosened around the ground. Gives a good effect mulching the soil around the bush.

Caring for raspberries in spring is especially important. By spending it on time, you will improve the quality and quantity of the crop.

In the spring, before the buds appear, the bushes must be cut. Remove dry and diseased branches that will interfere with further growth. It is worth removing the frozen branches, they still no longer appear buds.

Do not be too lazy to attach a peg to each bush and tie it up. And remove dry leaves around, as they will interfere with the growth of new shoots. It would also be nice to loosen the soil around for better water penetration.

Spring raspberry care although it requires some effort, but the game is worth the candle.

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