Growing cosmos - the secrets of success

Outwardly, kosmeya is quite simple. But this is its appeal: it is light, airy, sweet and pretty, it will decorate any garden.

For a long time now kosmeya has been the favorite of many garden owners. This uncomplicated annual looks great in absolutely any corner of the garden: whether it is planting in a group, using it as a background for other plants, keeping it in a mixborder or cut flowers collected in a bouquet.

The advantages of cosme include its unpretentiousness. It has good cold resistance, a drop in temperature and even light frosts do not scare it. But this plant also shows excellent resistance to dry periods.

Growing cosmos requires only providing plants with a sunny, but protected from excessive gusts of wind, a place in the garden. Cosmeya does not like an excess of fertilizers, this can affect the delay of its flowering. The plant is undemanding to soil conditions.

The kosmeya grows from half a meter to one and a half meter in height, its stems are erect and strong. The flowers are bright, large, like large daisies. Cosmos with simple flowers are more common, but there are also varieties with double flowers. The size of each flower is within 12 cm, their size is determined depending on the variety. The color of the flowers is varied: from white to pink, from red to bright burgundy.

The garter of tall bushes is another moment that determines the cultivation of cosmos. The plant grows very quickly and willingly, therefore it is possible to form hedges from the cosme bushes by cutting off the tall stems.

Cosmey is sown directly into the open ground at the end of April or at the beginning of May, the seeds germinate quickly and amicably. Flowering begins in July and lasts all summer and autumn until the first frost.