Picking tomato seedlings without mistakes

After two "real" leaves appear on the tomato seedlings, it is recommended to pick it. Picking tomato seedlings allows you to weed out weak and diseased seedlings, plants with an undeveloped root system, and give healthy and strong tomatoes the opportunity to develop in more comfortable conditions.

So, the pick is carried out approximately on the tenth day after germination. Watering before picking is recommended for one or two days, because if you water immediately before picking tomato seedlings, the earth will be saturated with water, become heavy, and lifting the seedling by the stem, you risk damaging the root system. And if you water it in a few days, then the earth will be too dry and crumble, exposing delicate roots. It is possible to extract seedlings from the common earthy clod with a teaspoon, while it is recommended to take the plant by the root clod of earth so as not to damage the stem. A depression is made in the pot and the plant is carefully transferred there, dipping to the cotyledon leaves. The ground around the transplanted tomato is compacted and poured with water at room temperature. Such a picking of tomato seedlings practically does not harm the plants and does not slow down their growth.

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