Sowing dates for cucumbers depend on the method of growing them.

It is known that cucumbers are thermophilic crops. Calculate sowing dates for cucumbers into the ground it is necessary in such a way that night temperatures below +12 degrees are no longer observed. Experienced gardeners believe that it is better to shift the sowing dates for cucumbers by a few days, seeds sown in warm ground will give more friendly shoots and strong healthy plants.

This advice will prove to be very useful for cucumbers that will be grown for pickling and canning. And what to do with salad cucumbers, the harvest from which you want to get as early as possible? That's quite possible. In order to get the earliest harvest possible, it is necessary to take care of growing seedlings of cucumbers... In this case the timing of sowing cucumbers in cups should be shifted to the end of March-beginning of April... Seedlings, of course, will have to be grown in a greenhouse, if there is one, or on a well-lit windowsill. In the process of growing cucumber seedlings indoors, you may need to illuminate the plants.

Planting already grown plants in the ground is carried out at fairly high average daily temperatures. Plants in the open field begin to actively grow and bloom. The first harvest from plants planted from greenhouses usually falls on the first days of June.

To receive autumn harvest, the sowing dates for cucumbers are shifted to the end of June-beginning of July.

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