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Garden lighting


Lighting makes it possible to exploit the garden not only during the hours of the day but also during the evening, essential in the areas dedicated to the dining area and the relaxation area but equally important, especially from an aesthetic rather than functional point of view, in those rather peculiar garden areas. When we talk about particular garden areas we refer to areas with particular taste as in the case of the water garden, where there are aquatic plants and sometimes also elements that create water features. Lighting has not only a function of making that space usable during the night but also the task of making that area particularly pleasant and all this can also be achieved by choosing adequate lighting. When the task of building a garden is entrusted to a specialized company, the latter will also take care of the choice of lighting, but if the garden is personally designed, care must be taken and remember to also have to insert an irrigation system. lighting. The market offers so many alternative solutions to the classic lamp that there is really spoiled for choice, which is why it is essential to know the function of the different types of light. A light installed on the ground as in the case of the spotlight, emanates first of all a rather concentrated light, it can be of different shapes and a series is always used usually to emphasize the perimeter of a given area. In the specific case of the water garden, the spotlight is used to emphasize the presence of this element, the light is diffused from the bottom upwards to highlight the aquatic plants themselves. Lighting in this way can also be stepped on and therefore this does not create absolutely any hindrance, as instead could happen in the case of street lamps. The idea of ​​spotlights on the ground is quite interesting, used to emphasize the beauty of a pool or a pond. The light diffused from above is a light indicated if the dining area is present next to the water element. Of course the amount of light must be well balanced so as not to recreate the day effect but must only be able to make a properly lit environment and spaces where light is able to create particular atmospheres.

Type of lighting

The market offers a vast offer with regards to garden lighting, especially to meet the needs of those who have a rather large space and wish to diversify the diffusion of light. To know correctly the type of light most suitable for a given area, you need to ask the dealer for advice because each type of lighting is created specifically to ensure a different effect. The garden, being a natural outdoor area, necessarily needs lighting but by choosing it by underestimating the opportunities presented, you risk creating an unpleasant visual effect. Each lighting element creates a different atmosphere, at the shops it is also possible to see the lighting turned on and realize the light that emanates. Today the traditional lighting system can also be replaced with an alternative one, it is a matter of exploiting solar energy, moreover the sun's rays are free and ecological, thus contributing not only to economic savings, but also to greater protection of the sun. 'environment. In this specific case the only expense to be faced is that of the purchase of the lighting elements, since the costs for the supply of electricity will not be supported, moreover the maintenance is reduced to a minimum and the guaranteed duration is quite long. When choosing the most suitable lighting system it is important to evaluate all the possible alternatives so that it is a conscious purchase. Orienting yourself on a solar energy system you can have the garden lit for the entire duration of the year. Today solar lighting is beginning to have a wide diffusion also as regards the furnishing of the exterior since the garden has conquered a large portion of the market in a few years.


As far as lighting costs are concerned, if you proceed with DIY, you need to go to a store that specializes in selling the type of lighting you want to buy and check how many elements are needed to create the right atmosphere. If instead the garden has been entrusted to a specialized company during the design and construction phase, the problem does not arise because the workers themselves will also include the cost for the lighting system in the estimate.

Garden lighting: Garden lighting ideal for you

You do not have a single minute to lose, if you have decided to go deeper into a subject so delicate, as regards the decor of the garden at home, such as that represented by garden lighting. Thanks to our consultancy, in fact, you can finally make a series of decisions in absolute awareness on the subject.
Specifically, you will have all the necessary inputs for a multitude of products from which you can choose, always identifying the ideal solution among spotlights, street lamps, or even solar lamps. In short, we are offering you the decisive support, in such a way as to always preserve a certain stylistic coherence in furnishing the home garden.