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Barbecue masonry


Those who have a garden that has yet to be built in a definitive way, must remember to allocate a space to the barbecue, if you intend to make it in masonry. It is a work that must be carried out in a serious manner, since it enriches the beauty of the garden itself. On the market it is possible to find masonry barbecues already prefabricated, which certainly cannot be customized as is the case for the barbecue that is carried out independently. The space in which to fix the barbecue must be adjacent to the dining area but not too close to it, since there must be around it the space necessary to be able to move. However, it is preferable, if you have the possibility, to place it next to the kitchen. With this type of barbecue the problem of smoking does not exist, because the chimney avoids the dispersion of it at person height, which instead happens with the traditional barbecue.

The realization

The construction of a masonry barbecue initially involves a project with which to establish the size and composition of the structure. You should always keep in mind the space you have, because a brickwork barbecue too bulky could create too narrow a corner in the garden. Once the size is established, all the necessary tools must be available. Usually bricks are used for the worktop, the grid is placed on supports that allow it to have different heights. When buying bricks, the same retailer will recommend the most suitable ones, as they will have to be resistant to high temperatures. Creating a masonry barbecue on its own means being able to precisely define the work surfaces and adjacent spaces to be created also below. Many people find the solution of bringing a garden sink to the barbecue interesting, so as to have on the same level all that is necessary. Under the barbecue you can create a sort of shelf that allows you to place the crockery to be used outdoors. The rough concrete version of the barbecue causes difficult cleaning, which is why it is advisable to tile the entire surface. The choice of cladding can be combined with a color that is already predominant in the garden, or simple tiles can be used.

The cleaning

Moreover, whether the barbecue is lit with wood or with charcoal, it is necessary to always perform a correct cleaning. When the coals or wood have been turned off, the area in which they were positioned must be cleaned. The grill should always be washed thoroughly, and in some cases it can also be kept in an interior space to prevent it from becoming dusty. When the masonry barbecue is not used for long periods, it is always necessary to carry out a general cleaning before lighting the charcoal. During the winter, many people prefer to keep the access to the barbecue closed with a small door made of iron that fits together, which allows the barbecue to remain perfectly clean, and also prevents small animals from passing inside .

Choice of barbecue type

In the case of a sufficiently large space, there is no limit to the size of a masonry barbecue, which can be placed side by side as well as by the sink also from an oven. The structure of the masonry barbecue offers a certain solidity, but on the other hand its position cannot be changed. It is precisely for this reason that we must choose wisely where to place it, also in relation to the other spaces. The masonry barbecue has an unlimited duration, and if it is not covered with tiles or painted, it can be whitewashed to give a greater sense of cleanliness. If the masonry is meticulously realized, the final result will be more than satisfactory, and will not be afraid of any comparison with those that are prefabricated masonry barbecues.


As for the cost of purchasing the material needed to make it, a lot depends on the quality and above all on the quantity that one must purchase. To build it you can also take inspiration from models already made or you can ask for advice from a friend who has already done it. In any case it is always necessary to bear in mind that beyond the cost of the material, time and sacrifice are also required. Furthermore it is good to have a minimum of competence in the sector, otherwise you risk creating a barely stable barbecue. Alternatively the work can be commissioned to a mason. The charm of a masonry barbecue, if taken care of in every detail, can be such as to make it the focal element of the garden. When done independently, the barbecue can be customized in such a way as to have in that area everything you need to prepare an excellent barbecue.


The barbecue cooking is synonymous with "grilled" cooking: the name derives from "barbacoa", which is a wooden grill under which the natives of America lit the fire.
There are two main types of cooking: by radiation, in the case where the coal is placed at a distance from the grating so as to slowly smoke the dish; or by contact, when the food is placed directly over the embers, using hot plates or grills.
A suggestion to make meat, fish and vegetables softer and tastier is to precede the cooking phase, flavoring the foods through a light marinating.
The main heat source of the barbecue is the embers of wood or charcoal, even if on the market several and more modern types are being diffused, electrically or gas powered.

Barbecue masonry: Masonry barbecue with oven

Many people decide to combine a brick-built barbecue with an oven to cook bread, pizza or other products in the open air. The built-in barbecue with oven makes it possible to obtain a special type of cooking, a different cooking from that of the electric oven, both for the quality of the final product and for the type of cooking.
In fact, these ovens, especially if they are fueled with wood, allow to obtain pizzas and bread of excellent quality, thanks to the type of heat that they give off, more enveloping and more constant than that of normal ovens.
The price of a barbecue with these characteristics is higher than the price of a normal brickwork barbecue because its construction is more complex and requires more material. For a masonry barbecue with oven it is generally starting from a price of 900-100 euros upwards and the price varies depending on the brand, size and characteristics of our oven.