Woody cuttings

Woody cuttings:

The woody cuttings are those that are practiced by taking the wood already completely lignified, devoid of green parts, so they are practiced by taking portions of branches produced during the previous year. Generally the woody cuttings they are taken from deciduous plants, such as tall trees or fruit trees; the best time to take this type of cutting is from autumn to winter. Proceed by taking thin branches, which have numerous buds; these branches are then divided into portions, each of which maintains at least two vigorous buds; taking the cuttings towards the end of the winter it is possible to see better which gems are bigger and well developed. We prepare a container for cuttings, using a large tray, filled with a compound consisting of peat and sand in equal parts, well mixed; the substratum must be completely moistened, possibly by dipping it in a container full of water, and making sure that the soil is moistened by capillarity, from the bottom. Our cuttings, about 8-10 cm long, should preferably be immersed in the rooting hormone powder, before being placed, one next to the other, in the previously prepared container. The tray should therefore be placed in a bright, fresh and humid place; to better maintain the humidity we can place the tray in a saucer, which we will use for watering, so we will cover everything with a plastic sheet (even some food film can be indicated); we keep the soil slightly damp, adding small amounts of water to the saucer, and periodically lift the plastic and vaporize the cuttings from above, with demineralized water.