Sowing in a multi-hole container

Sowing in a multi-hole container:

For sowing tomatoes, aubergines and peppers, it is possible to use multi-hole containers; we fill the container with a soil made up of a good percentage of peat and perlite, to ensure drainage during seed germination. We exert a good pressure, to compact the soil present in the holes, with a sieve we sprinkle the container with a layer of 1-2 mm of substrate, we perform a further pressure, using the fingertips, to ensure that there are no bubbles air. It is recommended to buy high quality seeds, we place 1-2 seeds per hole; It is very important at this stage to discard broken or blackened seeds. After filling all the holes in the container, we will cover the seeds with 1-2 mm sifted substrate, press again, to ensure good cohesion between the soil and seed, then we irrigate with a nebulizer, to avoid removing the soil .