A new ground cover with a rich flowering and a strong and bushy growth. The flowers, of a bright red-blood color that never fade and place it in the first place in the series of ground cover. It is a self-cleaning variety of medium height, recommended for group plantations.
Planting: 3 plants / m2

How to grow the Austrian rose

If you love ground cover roses and in particular red is the color of the roses you love most, this variety will surely convince you. The Austriana rose is in fact a very popular ground cover because of its intense color and excellent flowering. It is a rose that grows without particular problems almost everywhere and gives its best in airy and sunny areas.
From May until the first cold, this rose produces fantastic flowers, over 5 cm wide and with a yellow center. The development is bulky in the shape of a bush and the flowers are many.
It is a perfect rose for the decoration of avenues and for areas where care cannot be given in an assiduous and constant manner, and it is for this reason that it is found very much in the parking lots and in the green boulevards of shopping centers and cities.

Pruning of the Australian rose

As with all ornamental roses, pruning is also one of the most important and fundamental crop interventions for the Australian rose. Thanks to pruning, in fact, the rose manages to find new vigor every season by producing stems and especially flowers. Pruning is also essential to order the rose, adjusting the shape of its foliage and reshaping the outline of the plant.
The cut is to be made before the rose fully resumes its vegetative activity but after the risk of frost has passed. With pruning you will have to eliminate the dead branches, the shabby and broken branches during the winter, the branches grown too much and in general we will go to shorten all the branches up to 1/3. The pruning intervention must be decided, especially in ground cover species such as the Austrian rose, to allow a quick and pleasant regrowth.

Austriana: How and where to plant the Australian rose

The australia rose is a plant that must be placed in a bright part of the garden, where the sun's rays arrive direct for several hours. This rose loves the sun but also grows in areas with few hours of light, but where the sun is scarce the flowers will certainly not be many and even the vigor of the rose could be affected.
After having chosen the position suitable for the Australian rose, proceed with the creation of the hole which must be one and a half times wider than the earthen bread. After opening the hole and making sure that its depth is not excessive or too limited, lay a 5 cm layer of soil on the bottom. The soil must be of excellent quality and above all it must have a good percentage of inert materials (pumice and medioperlite) and peat.
This layer of soil will help drainage and facilitate the plant in its early stages of growth.
After closing the hole with the rest of the soil, the ground will be compacted by crushing it with your feet to prevent holes and air gaps from remaining in the ground.