Rosa Manora


An original rose, with a large, full and well-formed flower, with an unusual crimson red color with coppery nuances that opens very slowly.
Highly resistant to fungal diseases. A magnificent and fascinating garden rose. Sweet scent.
It is a variety of the Tantau hybridizer with a re-emerging character, registered with this name in 1992. Its flowers, double, compact, give off a delicate fragrance.

Rosa Manora: Cultivation of hybrid tea roses

The Manora rose variety belongs to the hybrid tea tea family, the genus considered to be the most classic, born from the crossing of European roses with the particular varieties that came from China in the nineteenth century. Over time, from the first roses, innumerable crosses have been born that have allowed to obtain particular and original flowers.
One of the most appreciated characteristics of this type of roses is the long duration of flowering, which makes them perfect for the decoration of parks and gardens. If placed in sunny places with a temperate climate, the flowers can appear in spring and then resist until the beginning of winter. To have luxuriant and healthy plants, it is good to place them in bright areas, with a rich and well-drained soil and to supply constant quantities of water, without exceeding, but avoiding to let the soil dry too in the hot season.