Antirrino: the Antirrino

The whim
Showing you with perfidious smile
with the flower of caprice among the foliage
thought you were kidnapping me from heaven
to humiliate my spirit and my name?
Ah no! That Antirrino stops you.
It is precisely the fiorellin that suits you!
The flower of thought was not created
to gird a capricious head;
over a frozen and lying breast
he disdains the modest pink;
they are candid and constant for the souls
the Mammoths, the Fuchsias and the Amaranths.
With the foliage of that flower in your hand
you have shown me that you are insensitive;
You showed me the cold of your core,
you have revealed an abyss in my eyes ...
And in that abyss I would have already fallen ...
But your Antirrino kept me back.
Pietro Gori