Horsetail - Equisetum arvense


Very common in Europe, at the edges of streams or small streams, horsetail is a plant used since ancient times in herbal medicine and in traditional Mediterranean medicine; it is a perennial plant, which loses the aerial part during the cold season, but keeps small rhizomes in the soil, which will sprout when spring arrives. It forms particular erect, cylindrical, tall up to the meter stems, on which particular inflorescences are produced that release the spores that will give life to other plants; on the other hand, fertile stems have a particular thread-like foliage; overall the plant is very elegant. Typically it is found in large spots in damp and shady places, near waterways or near irrigated fields.

Horsetail - Equisetum arvense: The herbal horsetail

In herbal medicine the horsetail has been used for millennia; it has various properties, the most remarkable being that of being useful in cases of osteoporosis and rickets, thanks to the active ingredients contained in it, which, if consumed, favor bone remineralization; it is also used in case of cystitis, joint pain, as a diuretic and coagulant.
The equine is used sterile, dried and powdered drums; infusions or herbal teas are usually prepared with the dried leaves of horsetail; in herbal medicine, extract capsules are also present, so that they can be taken in larger quantities. Generally it has no contraindications.