Terrace to the sea

Question: A terrace by the sea

Hello everyone!
I went to live in a house with a large terrace overlooking the sea.
Often beats a medium intensity wind.
I have several plants: cicas, ficus, felicity logs, a banana tree, etc.
Which are the plants that hope to survive on the terrace facing the sea and which have hope of repair on a balcony? Which ones in the direct sun and which are not?
Thank you in advance.

Terrace at the sea: Answer: A terrace by the sea

To solve his problem, I would suggest putting Tameric-type plants on the sea-view terrace that resist very well to the salty wind; on the terrace more
sheltered I would put the Cicas, which is an archaic conifer and not a palm tree (it loves the sun and the heat), and the Banano (hot and direct light) lies for what concerns Ficus and Tronchetto of happiness I would keep them at home because they love light diffuse and not direct (they are plants of undergrowth of tropical forest) do not like the air currents and therefore the outside is not really their most suitable environment.