Rustic lawn

Question: Rustic lawn

Dear Director,
Having to prepare a space of about one thousand square meters, I decided to turn it into a lawn and therefore I ask you for advice on which product to use keeping in mind the following:
1- the area is close to a bush and a field of wheat and therefore the quantity of pollen, seeds and anything else can infest everything
2- I would like to use a product that does not require considerable maintenance (frequent cuts, etc.) and that prevents the proliferation of common weeds
I would also like to know about the existence or not of some product that, even without being "lawn" can be planted in a vast area and is able to produce a significant aesthetic and practical result.
Thank you for your attention and I greet you distinctly.

Rustic lawn: Answer: Rustic lawn

Dear Aurelio,
I would recommend a mixture suitable for a RUSTIC and very resistant lawn and the one composed of Lolium perenne, Festuca rubra and Poa pratensis. Each seed is present in the following percentages: 50% perennial ryegrass, 40% Festuca rubra, 10% Poa pratensis (STADIUM mixture 1 kg Lit. 11,000) otherwise to make before and have an appearance of grass and control weeds, uses of BIOTHESIS or biodegradable fabric with seeds and fertilizer inside so that the grass germinates quickly and keeps humidity constant, does not cost much per square meter and has a guaranteed result.